Honor Courses

Relying on the orientation of Honors College, the university realizes the intensive input of outstanding teaching resources. The science basic courses and general courses,delivering by senior teachers through small class, are all individually designed in accordance with the requirement of cultivating top-notch talents. After choosing major, students will select their professional instructors from all the outstanding experts and scholars to complete the follow-up learning and practice under their direct guidance. HCBU will build files for each student to provide personalized tutoring. The qualified students will be provided with the policy support to pursue PhDwithout taking examination and study aboard at word-class universities.






Graduation Requirements


A. Scientific Spirit and Literacy


B. Interdisciplinary and Integration Ability  


C. Professional Spirit and Accomplishment  


D. Knowledge Acquisition and critical thinking  


E. Innovation Spirit and Ability  


F. Cultural Accomplishment and Humanistic Feelings  


G. International Perspective and Integration Capacity  


H. Cooperation Ability and Communication Skills  




Core Courses and Core Competence Association Diagram

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