Honors College of Beihang University (HCBU) had a dialogue with Chief Research and Strategy Officer from Microsoft Corp

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On the afternoon of April 22, 2009, 30 students from HCBU went to the Shangri-La Hotel in Beijing to attend the event called Dream Ignite the future——a dialogue with Craig - Mundie, which was held by Microsoft Research Asia.


The theme of this event is "rethinking computing", and the purpose is to make computation more people-oriented to provide more convenient environment for interaction.


Before the appearance of the master, the students first appreciated the representative projects Microsoft technology clubs all around the country, and all these works can be considered as creative and mind-blowing. They are the "DreamHome disaster assisting maneuvering platform”, and this software system have both server and mobile phone versions, which can intelligently provide guidance and warning for earthquake rescue personnel; intelligent GPS voice navigation tactile stick, as the name suggests, is like a walking stick and is equipped with GPS geo-location. Users will be informed by voice the location and the surrounding environment. 3D Virtual Work station for Chinese Brackets Construction allows for modeling, simulation of the actual components of architecture, aims to revive ancient building technology, and hopes to retain more cultural heritage through this technology.



Master appeared on stage to first of all show the audience a brilliant galaxy. In a video, a 6 year old boy told a story made up by himself on exploration of the galaxy by surface technology. Through this representation, Craig Mundie leads to the theme of this lecture, which is making computation more people-oriented and let the world focus more on people. Through new ways of interaction, real world will be brought to people, so that they can see with their own eyes, feel by themselves on site and study closely and create on parts they are interested in.



Then he showed several stages of interaction between people and computers, including the DOS phase, graphics control phase, Client-Cloud interaction and the latest “Natural User Interface". In the following presentation, the students became aware of the real meaning that "surface is only the first step towards this goal". He demonstrated a computing system consisting of 8 CPU. The computer runs a virtual robot named Dinna. Those who read the book eagle’s eyes must have an impression on the super computer system, which has an expert system enabled to be mastered by voice, meaning you can communicate with a real "expert" without feeling any delay. Mr. Craig Mundi said that we need to change the way people use tools, not just use tools to help you, but to be prepared before you access knowledge. He further said that the expert system that we provide aims at allowing those without access to masters and knowledge enjoy equal right to learn in the near future when computer technology is more mature. He said: "We provide not a tool, but an access to great knowledge and teachers." He also showed how Tablet PC interacts with the Surface computer system, while also showed a new generation of flexible, paper-thin, flexible displays, and tells you that this is the direction we're working on.



Half an hour later when speech ended, Craig Mundie had an hour long conversation with students and carefully answered each student's questions, so that we feel the unique and dynamic thinking of this master and be updated on Microsoft Corp. These questions mainly focused on Microsoft's development strategy, employment, new technologies and its direction. He said when answering to a question raised by a student from The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China:"I consider myself lucky, because I knew what I love to do when I was young. I had my dream, and tried to achieve it with all my enthusiasm. I think the most important thing is to find your own interests and passions." When it comes to the internal situation in Microsoft after Bill Gates’ retirement, some netizens also asked about the retirement plan for Craig Mundiet. He answered:"I have no plans to retire right now, and I think people should look at things from a new perspective and I feel like I am still young.” After this event, students from HCBU responded to this event enthusiastically, inspired and excited. The achievements of these masters today serve as examples for diligence, and these students will make unremitting efforts to use technology to change life and ignite future with dream.



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