HCBU students attended the thirteenth session of the grand International Symposium featuring “21th Century Computation”

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On Wednesday, October 26, 2011, HCBU students participated in the thirteenth session of the grand International Symposium featuring “21th Century Computation”jointly organized by Microsoft Asia Research and Tsinghua University. They have listened to reports by different masters in the computer field from home and abroad and the sharing of latest results in the computer field. They have also learned the important role of basic research on sustainable innovation.  


The symposium features “Back to Basics ——Fundamental Research Fuels Innovation and aims at exploring the role of computational science basics in the rapid development in twenty-first century. The speakers include a number of Turing Award winners.


The first is Professor Yao Qizhi (the first Chinese Turing Award winner) made a wonderful speech, during which he talked about the prospects of quantum computers, combining physics, mathematics with computer science in a comprehensive way. Next, Professor Joseph Halpern discussed game theory, vividly interpreted many scientific aspects in decision-making process. After that, Hong Xiaowen, President of Microsoft Asia Research showedthe audience the latest marvelous scientific and technological achievements of Microsoft Asia Research. Three masters in their speechesall revealed the importance of mathematical basis. Only by laying a solid foundation can science and technology have more rapid progress.


Afterwards,Dr. Peter Lee, the president ofMicrosoft Research Institute in Raymondhosted the keynote forum and together with the world's leading academic and research leaders to discuss the challenges and opportunities of basic research facing China. The forum guests included Professor John Hopcroft (Cornell University), Professor Shu Weidu (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Professor Wu Jianping (Tsinghua University), Professor Chen Xi (Columbia University), and Professor Zhang Qiang (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology). Their discussion is permeated with scientific charm and wisdom, but also it lit a beacon for student present.


The seminar has introduced majors that have strong theoretical knowledge, and also demonstrated the software in a vivid way. Meanwhile there were opportunities to communicate withprofessors. Students from HCBU have expressed their view that they were quite fond of symposiums like this. In addition, students were made aware of the importance of cross-disciplines. They understood the need to consolidate the foundation of mathematics and science disciplines and the close relation of these aspects with disciplines under high-tech arenas. I believe that after this symposium, HCBU students has instilled a deeper thinkingfor their future study life and career development and laid a solid foundation for their career success.



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