HCBU went to Taiwan for participation and won award at Taiwan Innovative Unmanned Aircraft Design Competition and its related forum

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Invited by Professor Lai Weixiang from the Department of Aerospace and Aeronautics of National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan, and under the leadership of the vice president Hou Anping, the “drone group” from HCBU recently finished its trip to participated in the Taiwan Innovative Unmanned Aircraft Design Competition and Forum and won the ranking No.4, having entered the “advanced group”.


"Taiwan Innovative Unmanned Aircraft Design Competition" is the highest level drone model event. The competition is divided into "advanced group", "creative group", "primary loading weight group", "BVR group” and other eight groups. The "advanced group" HCBU has participated in is a group with the greatest difficulty and competition. This is the first time a mainland team has participated in this event, and this team has faced a lack in detailed understanding of the rules and the game process and preparation time, and the complication in the procedure combined with delay of two days than expected. After arriving at the National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan, the team immediately rushed to the venue to participate in the contest of the respondents, to answer questions and communicate with the judges. The second day after arriving is the live show, being divided into two parts including on-site answer and flight demonstration. HCBU students all showed their best performance and left the judges, students and media with good impression.


n the following three days, the team visited the campuses and advanced labs of National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan and did a number of introductory reports for teachers and students there. This trip not only enhanced the understanding by National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan on the mainland and Beihang University (BUAA), but also prompted discussion on many academic aspects and enhanced mutual understanding.


As mainland’s first team to participate in this competition, HCBU students not only brought the aircraft there but also brought the friendship olive branch on behalf of mainland and BUAA. On the basis of mutual understanding, we will further conduct extensive academic exchanges to contribute to mutual progress and collaboration. And as a bridge, we will maintain cooperation in the future to expand the results of this competition and exchange.






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