The 10th Anniversary Celebration Gala for HCBU has been held at Chenxing Theater

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On the evening of November 2, 2012, the 10th Anniversary Celebration Gala for HCBU has been held at Chenxing Theater as planned. College leaders, students and many alumni gathered together to celebrate ten years of proud history of HCBU.


With passionate music, the party kicked off slowly. Students admitted in 2012 made a comedy sketch performance called Delivering Water, and it took one episode happened in the studying life in Shahe campus and told the story with witty language. It has expression of the freshmen’s love for the long-awaited life at University. The Second Hungarian Rhapsody and Canon, with continuously flowing piano sound, represented the attachment by alumni here at HCBU.


The drama, the life of four witty men on the northern Yangtze River Bank in Ming Dynasty, with a wild, bizarre yet humorous style, showed strong friendship between the four students in one dorm room, and it also showed the attachment by graduating students to their university. In a cold winter night, the lyric goes like “University is not only a place to study but also a home forever full of warmth” is sending warm currents to everyone present there. Then came the song duet Two People’s Desolate Island and that was the highlight of that evening, with everyone singing melodious songs and expressing their love and no regrets for their university life.


Wonderful programs and interesting games, HCBU students showed their splendid talents on stage. Intertwined in the attachment to the past glorious days and their longings for shiny future days ahead, HCBU students will carry on while chanting and continue to write glorious poetic chapters for future.  








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