The 10th Anniversary Celebration Gala for HCBU has been held grandly

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On the morning of November 3rd, Chenxing Music Hall of BUAA were crowded with guests, teachers and students filled with joy and harmony. The 10th Anniversary Celebration Gala for HCBU has been held here. Party Secretary of CPC Committee the university professor Hu Lingyun, President of BUAA and academician Huai Jinpeng, Vice President and Professor Zheng Zhiming, Professor Zhang Jun, Professor Wang Jianzhong, Deputy Secretary of CPC committee and Professor Cheng Jiwei, , Academic Committee Director and academician Zhong Qunpeng, Director of the Academic Steering Committee and academician Li Chuanxuan, academician Wang Jun, managers from various departments and institutions, guests from brother universities and partner organizations all attended this celebration gala. Also, teachers inside or outside HCBU who have trained talents for HCBU and worked hard for more than a decade, seven sessions of alumni and the whole current students also participated in this gala. Many alumni specifically returned from overseas to celebrate the birthday of their alma mater. The celebration gala was presided over by Vice President of BUAA, Department Dean and professor of HCBU Zheng Zhiming.


As the explorer and the pioneer for our country’s higher education, BUAA at the end of last century has been promoting the reform of undergraduate education and talent training based on the requirement of national development strategy. As such, HCBU was founded in September 2002, aiming to reform and improve the quality of personnel training by relying on the technical advantages of BUAA engineering technology, cultivating national outstanding builders and leaders, to seek solutions to enhance the training level and standard of science and engineering talents. As the earliest established northern talents training base and the education reform experiment base, in the past ten years, HCBU has a dual mission on its shoulder. With innovative education concept and talent training mode, it has actively explored reliable and outstanding ways of cultivating elite talents and has trained a batch of talents with solid foundation, broadened view, outstanding robust and very fruitful the elite talent, produced a number of solid foundation, broadened vision, outstanding ability, excellent development potential. It has concluded a series of educational concepts and experiences featuring "two transformations", "two orientations", "two leading talents", "sixteen characters of education policy" and "one systems with three aspects", and these are key steps for the reform of higher education and are contribution to build a high-quality personnel training brand for BUAA.


The celebration took place against the sound of the solemn national anthem. Vice Provost Peking University, Deputy Director of Yuan Pei Project Management Committee and Professor Guan Haiting and Supervisor on Higher Education Relationship from Microsoft Research Asia Ms. Ma Xin made their speeches and brought industry peers and partners sincere congratulations. The meeting issued the HCBU Development White Paper in the Next Decade, awarded four awards including the "Founding Fathers", "outstanding contribution", "teaching and nurturing", and"the most potential alumni". Subsequently, academician Li Chunxuan as a mentor expressed full recognition of the quality and ability of students, and Beijing Normal University Professor Liu Laifu as an outstanding external teacher representative summarized the HCBU students' solid foundation and practical sense of innovation by quoting a saying that "knowledge and practice shall be combined. Two alumni delivered speech at the gala, one is Dang Hao, alumnus graduated here in 2007 and went to Columbia University for PhD, and another speaker is a alumna graduated here in 2008 called Zhong Jing, who attended later the Carnegie Mellon University in the United States before working at Goldman Sachs in Hong Kong. They expressed gratitude and blessings to HCBU and their departments and recalled the experiences there during their study at HCBU. The chairman of the student union Zhu Yang expressed on behalf of all the undergraduate students there at HCBU that they pledge to remember the mission, aspire to achieve excellence and become talents.


At the celebration gala, the president of Huai Jinpeng gave a speech, and he said that "there is a kind of touching admiration, a sublime reflection and anticipating wishes”. These three aspects served as the mainline for his speech. He praised the high quality talent training and the progressing of education reform in the past ten years in HCBU, and the outstanding experience in exploring education methods. He also expressed expectations for the future development of HCBU.


It takes a decade to grow trees and a hundred years to nurture people. Looking into the next decade, HCBU will continue to honor its spirits of “grand ambition, broad empathy, practicality, truths and openness". Under the guidance of our university management ideas and concepts featuring "erudite collegiate system", HCBU will conduct optimization of the existing teaching conditions, introduction of high-quality educational resources, continued exploration of objective laws for training high quality talents so as to equip HCBU’s education mode, with unique characteristics and international quality. This will also serve national strategic needs and contribute to the building of BUAA into a top international university with unique characteristics combining aerospace, aeronautics and information technology.






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