The UK Exchange Study of HCBU on the Summer Vocation was a Great Success

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From July 7 to 19, students of HCBU went to the UK for a thirteen-day exchange visit. The delegation consisted of three leading teachers and ten students. During the visit, the students visited Open University, Oxford University, Cranfield University, Cambridge University, Rutherford Labs and many other well-known British educational research institutions. They also exchanges on relevant expertise with local professors. An effective result was achieved.


On 7 July, the delegation arrived at Milton Keynes. Under the warm reception and careful arrangements of Professor John Zarnecki from The Open University and Foreign Affairs teacher Babette Oliver, the students visited The Open University, Oxford University, Cranfield University, Cambridge University and other four well-known British universities and one large national laboratory called Rutherford Appleton. During the visit to The Open University, teachers and students from relevant departments first gave a brief introduction to the college’s basic situation and its key research areas. Then, Professor John Zarnecki and a doctoral student exchanged their perspective with BUAA students on their respective research projects. BUAA students listened attentively and asked questions actively, and the heated discussion continued to the noon. In the afternoon, under the leadership of Professor John Zarnecki and teacher Babette Oliver, BUAA students visited the laboratory of The Open University and discussed with laboratory researchers on the research projects they did. Subsequently, BUAA students visited the campus of The Open University and better understood and felt its campus culture. During their visit to Oxford University, BUAA students first listened to lectures of relevant research projects brought by Oxford teachers and students. After some exchanges, BUAA students visited the space labs, optics labs and astronomy labs of Oxford University. Then, under the leadership of Professor Ghassan Yassin, BUAA students visited Keble College and learned about the college culture. In the subsequent itinerary, BUAA students visited Cranfield University. They first discussed the professional knowledge on aerospace with the professors and students. Then, under the guide of local students and teachers, BUAA students also visited Cranfield’s engine labs, wind tunnels labs and other laboratories, and exchanged views with researchers. When visiting the large national laboratories in Rutherford Appleton, BUAA students also had a large amount of gains. At the reception of five researchers in the lab, BUAA students first listened to the wonderful reports of three well-known professional researchers about their research projects, which gave BUAA students a very deep impression. Afterwards, the students raised questions on the content of reports and had a further discussion with researchers. After the exchange, under the leadership of relevant responsible staffs, the delegation was divided into two groups, who visited several laboratories and communicated with laboratory researchers.


During the thirteen-day visit, students of HCBU not only had a face-to-face exchange and discussion on professional knowledge with professors, students and researchers from a number of renowned universities and national laboratories in the UK, but also deeply and profoundly experienced the campus culture of different universities. During the visit, the students were also invited to the home of Babes Oliver’s, and participated in the outdoor barbecue activities with teachers and students of Open University. In the following days, students of HCBU paid a visit to the Greenwich Observatory, the British Museum, Windsor Castle and many other well-known British attractions and watched the Changing the Guard ceremony. These colorful events deepened their understanding of British local customs, history and culture.


This trip to the UK marked another giant leap forward to the cultivation of internationalized elite talents. First, students harvested valuable knowledge and experience in the exchange. Second, during the visit, teachers of the delegation also exchanged souvenirs and established a good cooperative relationship with staffs in local universities and national laboratories, lying a solid foundation for future international exchanges.









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