Professor F.L. Haan from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Attending a Seminar with Doctoral Student

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At 4:30 pm on June 26th, Prof. F. L. Haan, a visiting scholar at the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, attended a seminar with our doctoral students in the third meeting room of the new main building.


Professor Haan will be a one-year visiting scholar of BUAA from the beginning of August. Today he just arrived in Beijing and attended the seminar. Since it was the first time that Professor Haan came to BUAA, both he and our doctoral students gave a brief self introduction to each other. Professor Haan was very pleased after hearing everyone’s information and pointed out that if you cannot compare notes with others, then your perspectives do not exist at all. We should not only be skilled at discovering problems and put forward new ideas, but also good at communicating and spreading your ideas. Taking Professor Haan’s advice, the doctoral students expressed their views and conducted a friendly and detailed exchange with him.










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