The First “Space Lecture” of Academician Gu Yidong: Discussing Space Science and Technology and Serving the Country with Aviation

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Academician Gu Yidong gave an insightful explanation of China's space science and aviation science and technology. In this report, Academician Gu, combined with years of his scientific research and work experience, comprehensively explained the details of space science and application, the development of China’s manned space technology, the space station science and its application, development and prospects to the students presented.


In the report, Academician Gu, in combination with Shenzhou series of spacecraft and the application of Temple One spacecraft, gave a detailed explanation of the application researches done in manned spaceflight projects. The report covered earth observation, space life science, space material science, microsatellite, space robots, space machinery and institutional technology, laser energy transmission, space incremental manufacturing and other cutting-edge research projects. In terms of China's space laboratory, Temple One laid a solid foundation for China to expand space research. China's space stations have the internal and external conditions for experiments. With the support of the large system of earth and heaven as well as the measurement and control of relay satellite system, the global coverage will be achieved in the future. The complete overall facilities also enable us to smoothly conduct researches in high-energy cosmic radiation and dark matter detection, quantum control and optical transmission as well as micro-satellite experiments.


The report of academician Gu Yidong is rich in content and easy to understand. Based on the development and the status quo of manned space flight, Gu reviewed various tests carried out in the space laboratory of the Shenzhou spacecraft and their results, and introduced the next application plan of in China's manned space project. Vast information and vivid introduction attracted a large number of students, who filled up the first lecture hall of the new main building. During the interaction, the atmosphere was very lively. Academician Gu answered many questions from the students presented, giving them a profound understanding towards the development of China's space technology.


Academician Gu introduced that BUAA, which is characterized by aviation, aerospace, and communication, has made a very prominent contribution to the cause of China’s space industry and has delivered a large number of talents to China’s space project.


In the end, Ma Qishuang, the Dean of the HCBU extended his sincere thanks to Academician Gu Yidong. Professor Ma Qi Shuang noted that the forward-looking ideas and cutting-edge technology demonstrated in the report strengthened the space mission, sense of responsibility and patriotism of our students. It would also have a guiding significance on our students to better recognize the importance of space science and application. He hoped that the students could consolidate the academic basis, seize opportunities, dare to innovate, and actively devote themselves to the cause of China's aerospace.


This lecture, namely “Space Lecture” marked the opening of the foundation of the innovation base for space application and education. This base, co-founded by the HCBU, BUAA and the Space Application Engineering and Technology Center of China Academy of Science, is a joint practice base to cultivate talents, aiming to take the full advantages of optimized resources of colleges and universities, to create a multi-disciplinary platform for talent cultivation and technology practice and to improve students' capabilities in practice and innovation. Since its foundation in January 2015, the Space Applied Science and Education Innovation Base has set up a "Space Application Robot Collaborative Innovation Fund" to support students' innovative practice projects. The base has also planned a series of activities in the "Space Lecture", which will also actively explore new forms to promote the development of the base, explore the new model of talent cultivation of institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutes, and make a contribution to cultivating urgent-needed talents for the key and important fields in China.















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