Virtual Reality and New ATC System Technology - Trip to BUAA National Laboratories

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On April 9th, students from School of Advanced Engineering (HCBU) paid a visit to the national laboratories of School of Electronics and Engineering (SEE) and School of Computer Science and Engineering (SCSE) at XueyuanRoad Campus, BUAA. The students’ delegation arrived at the campus by school bus at around 9:00. The tall and breath-taking new main building came into sight and made the tripmore fascinating. Organized by Mr. Wang and Mr. Liang, the visitswere processed orderly.


Professor Wang and Professor Pan led the students to visit the lab of SCSE and introduced the virtual reality technologies. VR technology is a computer simulation system that can create and experience virtual world. The professors introduced the development of these technologies and the lab. This lab had provided assistance to solve many problems through VR technologies. It can simulate the opening performance at the Olympics and it also had simulated the Grand Parade, aircraft performance and other major events which enable the organizers to anticipate any possible problems so as to make corresponding arrangements. Some projects involved state secrets which fascinated the student even more. There were also medical equipment in the lab where doctors have to practice thousands of times before they can actually operate on patients. The professors showed the students how to operate these machines which was quite an amazing experience. The students were also quite active in raising questions, but with limited time they had to move on.


Mr. Wang Zhipeng was the team leader for the visit to the National Key Laboratory of CNS/ATM in SEE. The students were attracted by the poster by the lab. Mr. Wang explained that information of all aircrafts throughout China, even the aircraft types, up in the air or down on the ground, can be seen using this system. The data besides that poster was coming from the Beijing Capital International Airport. Another round of amazement was aroused among the students. Mr. Wang said in this lab, BUAA had developed China's first mobile airspace surveillance system and other ATM devices and effectively solved the problem of ensuring safe and efficient flights in desert and other non-radar coverage areas. Joint cooperation and research had also been carried out between this lab and schools and enterprises at home and abroad. The students all expressed deep interests in various new equipment of this lab. 

This trip had provided a great opportunity to broaden horizon and experience the outstanding technologies of BUAA for students and also an opportunity to develop interests in further study and research in related areas. As the sincere hope of professors, the future world is in our hands and we believe students of HCBU will work even harder to fulfill their commitment to the future.


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