Lecture by Mr. Gilles Brassard, Professor of Université de Montréal, held in HCBU

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In the afternoon of July 4th, 2016, Mr. Gilles Brassard, Professor of Université de Montréal, presented a lecture of "Cryptography in a quantum world" to undergraduates and doctoral students of School of Advanced Engineering (HCBU) at No. 1 Lecture Hall, New Main Building of BUAA. Professor NieJianyun from Université de Montréal, Professor Song Fangmin from Nanjing University, Professor Wu Wenjun, Deputy Dean of HCBU and other professors were presented at this lecture.



Professor Gilles Brassard has been a specialized professor in Computer Science since 1979 and is a member of Royal Society of London, Royal Society of Canada, Canadian Institute of Advanced Research and International Association for Cryptologic Research. He is the founder of quantum cryptography, who has made unprecedented contribution to the development of quantum information science, and one of the founders of quantum teleportation. Serving as chief editor of Journal of Cryptology during 1991 to 1997, his three publications have been translated into eight languages (Chinese included) and widely read throughout the world.


During his report, Professor Gilles Brassard introduced the basic principles of cryptology and its application in computer science and expressed his vision for the development of cryptology in quantum domain and future of quantum computer science. The teachers and students had a warm discussion and exchange of view with the professor after the lecture.


This academic lecture had provided an insight view for students of HCBU in cryptology, quantum information science, computer science and an opportunity to experience the unique charm of state-of-the-art science. The lecture was concluded with big rounds of applause.



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