School of Advanced Engineering Renaming and Shenyuan Honors College Naming Ceremony Held at Chenxin Concert Hall

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In the morning of November 1st, the Renaming of School of Advanced Engineering to Honors College of Beihang University Ceremony and Shenyuan Honors College Naming Ceremony was held grandly at Chenxin concert hall with a houseful of distinguished guests and students. Zhang Jun, Academician and Party Secretary of BUAA, Xu Huibin, Academician and President of BUAA, Zhong Qunpeng, Academician and Honorary Director of Academic Committee, Academician Wang Jun, leaders of agencies and departments, Deans and Party Secretaries of different colleges, faculties who had made tremendous contribution to HCBU, representatives of alumni and undergraduates and doctoral students were present at the ceremony. Mr. Huang Haijun, Vice President of BUAA and Dean of HCBU, chaired the ceremony and introduced the 14 years' development of HCBU and experience and achievements of top talent cultivation and education and teaching reform.




Founded in September 2002, HCBU, with the attention and well-thought planning of the leaderships of BUAA, has united the efforts of all faculties and students to keep pace with the times, cultivate a group of talents with solid theoretical foundation, broad horizon, outstanding capacities and great potentials, summarize a set of new concepts and measures for innovative talent cultivation and build a top brand of BUAA talent cultivation program. At the beginning of this year, HCBU was selected as Honors College in accordance with the scientific planning and overall arrangement of promoting "Double First Rate" project. In order to integrate different pilot science class development, HCBU will be renamed as "Honors College of Beihang University" (HCBU) and "Shenyuan Honors College" to transform from a "engineering oriented" to "science and engineering balanced" school, implement collegiate system management comprehensively and improve talent cultivation capacity and level in an all-around way.



Xu Huibin, Academician and President of BUAA, extended congratulations to the renaming and naming of Honors College and best wishes for the development of the college. Mr. Xu mentioned that during the past decade, HCBU had summarized "two transformations", "two foundations", "two talent cultivation", "16 words of education principle", "one system and three regulations" and other talent cultivation principles and experience, created a solid, outstanding and effective talent cultivation way and laid a sound foundation for further improvement of talent cultivation of BUAA. He hoped that HCBU can, driven by satisfying the national development strategic requirement, led by the successful implementation of "Top Talent Project" by Ministry of Education, taken the opportunity of promoting "Double first rate" project building of BUAA, upholding the five development principles and based on the principle of top-level design, strengthen overall school operation, improve school management structure, enhance operation mechanism, improve talent cultivation model and promote reform and development. As the honors college of BUAA, HCBU should maintain honor-oriented to build honor education platform, promote honor education system, improve honor course system, play the inspirational role of honor, continue to improve talent cultivation capacity and quality, explore the objective rule of top talent cultivation, build a world-class elite science and engineering education mode with characteristics of BUAA and make contributions to the "Double first rate" project development.



Mr. Zhang Jun and Mr. Xu Huibin unveiled the plaque for "Honors College of Beihang University" and "Shenyuan Honors College" marking the official renaming of HCBU to HCBU and Shenyuan Honors College and a new chapter in the history of BUAA. The faculties and students present witnessed this exciting moment with big rounds of applause.


LvWeifeng, Professor and Dean of School of Computer Science and Engineering, made a speech on behalf of other schools of BUAA, he spoke highly of the development of HCBU in the past decade and expresses expectations towards the bright future of HCBU. Professor Qian Shixiang, founding teacher of HCBU, "Touching BUAA" Honoree, outstanding CPC party member in schools of higher learning of Beijing, Top Ten BUAA CPC Party Member and senior advisor, spoke on behalf of all faculties which inspired all. Chen Nanjiang, outstanding alumnus of HCBU, and Sun Hui, undergraduate of class 2013, spoke on behalf of alumni and current students respectively, expressed their gratitude for HCBU and made the commitments to promoting the spirit of BUAA and creating new achievements based on the development opportunity and instructions of Mr. Shenyuan.


HCBU, as one of the earliest-founded talent cultivation base and education reform pilot base, shouldering the mission of cultivating outstanding builders, pioneers and leaders, had innovated education philosophy, implemented the education principle of "strengthen foundation, highlight practice, emphasize on quality and promote innovation", integrated "tutor system, small-sized class, customized learning and internationalization" into education and actively explored top talent cultivation model and measures. During the past decade, HCBU has explored a top talent cultivation model with solid foundation and outstanding achievement, cultivated a group of talents with solid theoretical foundation, broad horizon, outstanding capacities and great potentials, summarized a set of new concepts and measures for innovative talent cultivation and built a top brand of BUAA talent cultivation program. Today's renaming follows and promotes the principle of "strengthening mathematics and science foundation" to complete the transition from "engineering oriented" to "science and engineering balanced" school, further improve HCBU into a science and engineering balanced honors school and integrate different pilot science classes development.


2016 marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Mr. Shenyuan, pioneer and educator of China's higher education of aeronautics and astronautics, well-known aerodynamics, one of the founders of Beijing Aeronautics College (now known as Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics), honorary President of BUAA and Senior Academician of Chinese Academy of Science. Mr. Shenyuan was committed his life to seeking the truth and exploring science; he is a great patriot who loves his country deeply and devotes lifetime to aeronautics; he respects his teachers and loves the students and makes tremendous contribution to the development of BUAA. Mr. Shen gave his life to China's higher education of aeronautics and astronautics and left remarkable achievements and unprecedented contributions. In order to memorize the spirits of Mr. Shen, promote the dream of strengthening China through aeronautics and astronautics and boost confidence, by the permission and authorization of Mr. Shen's family, BUAA decided to name HCBU as Shenyuan Honors College.


As for BUAA, HCBU is like a banner that symbols diligence, efforts and steadiness, solid foundation, comprehensive capacities and bond innovation, and the hope for the country, elite of the industry and backbone of the nation. The students all said that they will follow the instructions of Mr. Shen to work hard, promote his spirit of seeking truth, endeavoring to be the best, patriotism and sacrifice for aeronautics and be a qualified member of HCBU with responsibility, broad vision and initiative.



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