HCBU & Arizona State University Winter School Unveiled

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HCBU had recently organized a delegation of 16 undergraduates led by Professor Ma Qishuang, Deputy Executive Dean, to visit the United States for a two-week 2017 Arizona State University Winter School.


The Winter School offers sustainable world and systems thinking courses taught by Mr. John Marty Anderies, Professor of School of Sustainability and School of Human Evolution and Social Change. These courses combines group discussion, visiting, role play, cultural experience, achievement exhibition with interactive teaching, Professor Anderies led the students to get a deeper understanding of the past and present of sustainable development, discuss the issue of water source, energy, food, urbanization and others facing the future sustainable development, master a sustainability-based thinking mode, learn the concepts of intra-generational equality, inter-generational equality and equality among species and understand that sustainable development arose from the unbalanced space and time distribution of resources. After two-week's study, the students, taking sustainable development as the cutting point, had developed a multilevel, comprehensive and analytical thinking mode and understood the complexity of system and connection among objects from a systematical thinking perspective so as to make decisions and solutions in a wiser manner. Ryan Johnson, Executive Dean of School of Sustainability, was responsible for the planning of this winter course.



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