ASU Director of the Foreign Student Affairs Office Adam Henry Visited HCBU

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On October 17, accompanied by the staff of the US Embassy in China, Adam Henry,Director of the Foreign Student Affairs Office at Arizona State University (ASU), visited HCBU. Ma Qishuang,Deputy ExecutiveDeanof HCBU, Han Yu,HCBU Deputy Dean, met the guests. Lv Ying, Deputy Director of the International Exchange and CooperationOffice, and representativesofAcademic Affairs Office andGraduate Schoolwere invited to attend the meeting.



Dean Ma Qishuang made a speech first and expressed warm welcome to Director Adam Henry and all the guests. Later, Deputy Director Lv Ying introduced the development and cooperation mode of Beihang in terms of foreign exchange in recent years and pointed out that Beihang has always attached great importance to international development. It is hoped that through the exchanges and cooperation with well-known overseas universities, we could cultivate innovative talents with global vision and competitiveness that meet the needs of the times. Next, Deputy Dean Han Yu gave a detailed introduction to the development history, training mode, and international exchange of HCBU. Director Adam Henry expressed his sincere gratitude to HCBU for its hospitality and introduced the overall situation of ASU, the development of international exchanges, and the policies for enrolling international students. The Academic Affairs Office and the Graduate School representatives of Beihang University briefly introduced the projects of Beihang Undergraduate Summer School and the Graduate International Summer School. The two sides conducted specific discussions on substantive cooperation and had in-depth communication on summer projects, teacher and student exchanges, etc.

As a renowned comprehensive research public university, ASU established in 1885 and has been ranked as the most innovative university in the United States by US News & World Report for three consecutive years from 2016 to 2018, ranking in the forefront of American research universities for many years. In 2016, HCBU took the lead in signing a school-level strategic cooperation agreement between Beihang University and ASU. Since 2017, HCBU has been jointly held the winter vacation school with ASU School of Sustainability every year, which has been highly recognized by HCBU teachers and students.





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