Huirong Academy 2018 Mentor Conferring Conference and 2017 Excellent Mentor Commending Conference

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On the morning of October 28th, the 2018mentor conferring conference and the 2017 excellent mentor commending conference of HCBU were successfully held at the room 4-205, Shahe Campus.

The leading guests attending this conference included Chen Xin,Secretary ofHCBU PartyBranch, Han Yu, HCBU Deputy Dean, Fu Xiaoyan, full-time counselor, Zhang Jianglong and Ye Jinxin, Ph.D. class counselors, and counselors of the undergraduates.

Firstly, Ms. Han Yu introduced the reform of the development mentoring system and the implementation in the previous year. Then, she showed the innovative model and requirements for this year. She also praised the mentor of last year for their work and expressed the expectations forthisyear.

Secondly, Mr. Chen Xin read the list of 2017 outstanding development mentors and presented the awards. After that, five outstanding development mentors shared their experience in the previous year. Mentor Hou Taogang said that he used different forms, such as self-learning and group communication based on scientific research, to improve their information competence and self-learning. Mentor Chi Haotian encouraged students to work hard, participate in various competitions actively, and achieve all-round development. Mentor Chen Si'an shared how to connect with different mentors and share resources with each other, providing experiences for the new mentors this year. Mentor Liu Huiyi shared the lovely moments she had with her students and encouraged students to actively contact with their mentor and make good use of the resources. Mentor Zhang Mingyuan shared the concept of “doing scientific research in a chic way,” and provided a new idea for the mentor and students to develop mentor activities in a humorous and intriguing language. The speeches of the excellent mentors provided not only experiences for the new mentors but also the inspiration for students.

Thirdly, the 2017 undergraduate student representative, Zhang Ziyu, gave a speech. He talked about the exchanges with his mentor and introduced the influence of the development mentoring system on his life, professional choice, and learning. At the end of his speech, he encouraged the students of the class of 2018 to communicate with their mentor actively and grasp the take advantage of the resources provided by HCBU.

Fourthly, Ms. Han Yu read the list of 2018 development mentor, and Ms. Fu Yanxiao issued them the letter of appointment.

Fifthly, the 2018 development mentor representative, Li Liuqing expounded the understanding and prospect of the mentor work and expressed the joy and expectation of all 2018 development mentors for the work in the coming year.

At the end of the conference, Mr. Chen Xin made a concluding speech, expressing the extraordinary significance of opening up the development mentoring system, and expectations for its future progress. He wished both the mentors and the students can enjoy the process of communication and learn from it.

All the guests and mentors took a group photo after the conference.

The development mentoring system is a “peer education” system initiated by HCBU since 2012. Based on the excellent resources of HCBU Ph.D. classes, it encourages lower-grade doctoral students to take advantage of their own experience to provide comprehensive guidance and assistance for undergraduate students in professional selection, technology competition, and personal development. Over the past five years of exploration and development, the development mentoring system has gradually formed a new model and has won wide acclaim from the students.

Nowadays, the more well-rounded mentoring system will help achieve the goal of talent training at HCBU.






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