HCBU 2018 Commendation Ceremony

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Sow in Spring,harvest in Autumn. At 9:00 a.m. on December 22, 2018, HCBU 2018 commendationceremony was held at Ruxin Conference Center of Beihang University to summarize the work and achievements of HCBU and its students in the past year.

The guests attending the conference included: Qian Shixiang, HCBU senior adviser, Yang Zongzhi, founder of Yang Zongzhi Alumni Fund, Ma Qishuang,Deputy ExecutiveDeanof HCBU, Chen Xin,Secretary ofHCBU PartyBranch, Han Yu, Deputy Dean, HCBU teaching staffs, Alumni of Grade 2008, Graduate representatives of Grade 2017 and 2018, undergraduates of Grade 2018, HCBU scholarship winners, and all counsellors.

Professor Ma Qishuang,Deputy ExecutiveDeanof HCBU, first gave a speech. He summarized and praised the work and achievements that HCBU has made. Over the past year, HCBU has consistently improved the ability and quality of personnel training, and constantly explored the ways of high-quality personnel training and achieved remarkable results.



Next,Yan Bo, HCBUalumni representativeof Grade 2008,recalledthe university lifethe guidance given by Mr. Qian Shixiangten years ago. He alsoexpressed the excitement and joy of coming back to HCBU after ten years of graduation.



Later, HCBU teachers and alumni representatives unveiled the winners of the HCBUscholarshipand honorary titlesandawardedthem. The honorary titles included star of study, star of technology,star of vitality,star of charity, star of HCBU, and excellent academic performance. During the period, alumni representatives answered questions related to college life and shared their own experiences.

Then, Li Jiaqi, winner of the star of HCBU, shared his story over the past three years on maintaining a positive learning enthusiasm, adhering to good study habits, and striving for all-round development.



After that, Deputy Dean Ma Qishuang, and counselor of class 2008 Wan Han awarded the winning counselor of “Dean’s Special Award.” Then, the certificates of honorary education for the class of 2017 and 2018 were issued.



After that, Mr. Qian Shixiang recalled theearlydays of the construction of HCBU and talked to students with hope and instruction. Both teachers and students benefited a lot from his words.



Then, Secretary Chen Xin made a concluding speech.Heaffirmedthe achievements of the past yearandputforward the requirements for students to be proactive,persistent, braveandinnovative under the guidance of Shenyuan spirit, HCBU spirit, and Professor Qian’s spirit of loveina broad sense.



The ceremony came to an end with all the participants stood up and sang the schoolanthemtogether.




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