HCBU 2018 Alumni Symposium

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On December 22, 2018, the 2018 HCBU Alumni Symposium was held in the third lecture hall of the new main building. Ma Qishuang, Deputy Executive Dean of HCBU, Chen Xin, Secretary of HCBU Party Branch, Han Yu, Director of HCBU Party and Government Office, Xu Moke, Secretary of HCBU League, Zhang Jianglong, full-time counselor, and representative alumni of Grade 2008 attended this symposium. Professor Qian Shixiang, the HCBU senior adviser, and his wife Yang Zongzhi were invited.

Dean Ma Qishuang first expressed his warm welcometoall the alumni andgratitudefortheirsupport for HCBU development. Next, Secretary Chen Xin introduced HCBU development in recent years to the alumni, as well as the outstanding achievements of HCBU in terms of personnel training, teaching and research, and educational practice.

Alumni then expressed their love and gratitude for their alma mater andHCBU. They are proud of the rapid development and achievements of HCBU. Besides, they also shared their career and life after graduation. At the same time, they actively contributedadvice andsuggestions to the development of HCBUinthe hope that HCBU can achieve a better future.

At the end of the symposium, Professor Qian Shixiang and his alumni have recalled the past time at HCBU. Professor Qian said that the gathering was always transient, but the connection among students, teachers, and the Alma Mater would be long-lasting. Remember no matter where you are, come back at your spare time, as HCBU is always proud of you.

Thealumni felt deeply moved by listening to Professor Qian’s words after 10 years. Taking this symposium as an opportunity, they hoped torenewtheir friendship and make contributions to the development of HCBU.



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