Vice President Huang Haijun Led the Team to Visit HCBU

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On the morning of March 2, Vice President Huang Haijun led a team toHCBUfor research and guidance, with leaders from the Admissions and Employment Office, the Academic Affairs Office, and International Exchange and Cooperation Office accompanied.HCBU leadership teamattended the meeting.

On the symposium, Dean Ma Qishuang made a report entitled "2019 HCBU Construction Tasks and Major Measures". In accordance with the requirements of Beihang's work and the overall goal of "building an honorary education rooted in China," HCBU would start from four aspects and eight dimensions to promote HCBU construction and talents training. The four aspects included the superior environment, advanced system, first-class education, and top talents. The eight dimensions included HCBU enrollment reform, layout optimization of two campuses, 2.0 version of “Top-notch Talents” project, curriculum system construction, “Zhiyuan Plan” implementation, “Lingfeng Plan” implementation, upgraded mentor program, and academic environment improvement.

Later on, the participants conducted discussions. The heads from the Admissions and Employment Office, the Academic Affairs Office, and the International Exchange and Cooperation Office respectively put forward many constructive opinions based on their own work and development needs. In terms of enrollment reform, Director Ma Jinxi briefly introduced the enrollment situation of Beihang in recent years and hoped that HCBU would deepen the reform and strengthen the connotation development, and continue to play the leading role. In terms of education and teaching, Director Wang Zulin hoped that HCBU could take the 2.0 version of “Top-notch Talents” project as an opportunity to further improve the quality of primary experimental teaching, strengthen academic guidance, and highlight the international characteristics of the curriculum. In terms of internationalization, Director Li Deyu started from the hardware and software construction and hoped that HCBU would expand international cooperation and continuously improve quality, create cooperative brand projects, and do an excellent job in international exchange guidance and services. All relevant departments indicated that they would actively support the development of HCBU.

Vice President Huang Haijun commended the achievements that HCBU has made. He pointed out that as the banner of talents training in Beihang University, HCBU ran at the forefront of the exploration of education and teaching, gathered top resources, and carried the highest expectations. To cultivate "international academic top talents," HCBU was expected to implement various construction plans, further strengthen top-level design, promote connotation development, gather superior resources, highlight high-end leadership, and enhance international features to build a first-class brand rooted in China.

The members of HCBU leadership team all said that they would gather together, forge ahead, and take practical actions to comprehensively improve the education quality of HCBU, making greater contributions to the cultivation of talents and the construction of“Double-First Class” university.


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