Covid-19 Prevention and Control—HCBU Doctoral Students in Action

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        Since the outbreak of Covid-19,the CPC Central Committee and the State Council have attached great importance to it. General Secretary Xi Jinping has made important instructions to Party organizations and Party members at all levels to lead the masses to resolutely implement the decision-making arrangements of the Party Central Committee and firmly rely on the masses to win the fight against the epidemic. When an epidemic breaks out, a command is issued. It is our responsibility to prevent and control it. To win the battle of epidemic prevention and control, HCBU doctoral students strictly implement the requirements of "not leaving home, not returning to school". At the same time, they bravely undertake the mission to fight against the epidemic in various forms and overcome difficulties together, manifesting their responsibilities.

Heroes in Harm's Way

—Brave to Be Community Volunteers

"Where there is a need, where we are”. Yang Sufan (College of Instrument Science and Optoelectronic Engineering), a student of the 2016 doctoral class and the college Party Secretary, voluntarily signed up with his parents to become a community volunteer of epidemic prevention and control for the first time. She has been on the front line of community epidemic prevention and control since the beginning of the new year. Her daily work not only includes door-to-door investigation, body temperature measurement, and publicity materials distribution, but also shift duty at the entrance site of the community, and registration of vehicles and persons from other communities.


Yang Sufan's busy figure has built a "wall" for the prevention and control of the epidemic situation in the community. Her dedication and unrequited spirit have won the wide praise of the community residents and have also been widely reported by the local news media.

Many other students of the HCBU doctoral class also participated in community epidemic prevention with practical actions. They wrote their original intention in action, and carried duties on their shoulders, reflecting their responsibility and dedication.

A Friend in “Epidemic ” is A Friend Indeed

The epidemic has no emotion but people do. After the outbreak of Covid-19, HCBU doctoral students spontaneously donated to various foundations through different channels to support Hubei Province with practical actions.

"After the outbreak of the epidemic, HCBU doctoral students are making contributions in their way. Many of my relatives and friends are medical staff. They are all involved in the front line of the fight against Covid-19. As a native of Hubei Province, I hope I can do my best. " Luo Ying (College of Automation Science and Electrical Engineering) from Hanchuan, Hubei Province, said after three donations. She was trapped in an epidemic area but still wanted to support the front line in her way.


Epidemic Prevention and Control Donation Certificates

from HCBU Doctoral Students (Excerpt)

Many other students, like Zhang Zhenkai (College of Aeronautical Science and Engineering), HCBU doctoral student of class 2016, took the initiative to distribute their masks to the elderly living in the residential area. He and other family members joined hands to prevent the epidemic.

Collective purposes form a fortress. HCBU doctoral students are willing to help the epidemic prevention and control with their love and convey the true feelings of the world with every little bit of goodwill.

Fight Against Epidemic by Doing Research

HCBU doctoral students came from different science and engineering majors of Beihang University. They gave full play to their professional strengths to carry out scientific research and popularizing scientific knowledge about Covid-19. They supported the front line of epidemic prevention and control in their way.

Zhang Shuai, an HCBU doctoral student of class 2016, has played his professional skills as a team leader and participated in the development of the information service platform of "Covid-19 Real-Time Data 360 Navigation". It was jointly developed by Beijing Big Data Brain Computing Centre (BDBC) and Professor Li Daqing’s team from the Complex System Reality Laboratory of Beihang University. The platform helps the public quickly obtain the latest and most comprehensive epidemic data and policy information, and provides several services such as ride query and anti-epidemic resources to help the public understand the epidemic rationally and protect themselves scientifically.


COVID-19 Real Time Data 360 Navigation Platform

While doing good self-prevention, HCBU doctoral students also actively responded to the general principle and deployment of "keeping learning during class suspension" of the Ministry of Education in various forms. More than 10 students have served as assistant teachers of HCBU graduate and undergraduate courses. They built a bridge between teachers and students and ensured the online courses to be carried out in a smooth and orderly way. Ma Honghao (Institute of Instrument Science and Optoelectronic Engineering), an HCBU doctoral student of class 2016 and a teaching assistant of mechanical core courses in Beihang University, opened a live broadcast in Tencent classroom for all the teaching assistants, focusing on the "operation guide for the use of Beihang Curriculum Center". HCBU doctoral students have different identities, as they could be student counselors, members of the Party Committee, or undergraduate development mentors, and liaison members of the research group. However, no matter what role they play, HCBU doctoral students always paid attention to the epidemic, actively responded to the call of Beihang and HCBU, participated in various activities of epidemic prevention, and conveyed the positive energy of youth.

"Integrate Virtue with Brilliance and Combine Knowledge with Practice" is the school motto as well as the action guide for HCBU doctoral students. They annotate the school motto with practical actions. They did their best and gave full play to their strengths to join in the battle against the epidemic.

They have been in action!


At the first time of the outbreak, according to the overall requirements and deployment of relevant departments and Beihang University, HCBU established a leading group for epidemic prevention and control, set up a special graduate group to be responsible for the epidemic prevention and control of doctoral students, and formulated an implementation plan, which is responsible for conveying and implementing the requirements of relevant departments, collecting and reporting epidemic information, caring for key students, fully safeguarding the interests of teachers and students, and promoting all kinds of education and teaching activities at the same time, to ensure that we can win the battle of epidemic prevention and control and strive to achieve the development goals and tasks of this year.



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