【Beihang in Focus】An interview with Liu Kesheng, HCBU Party Secretary, and Ma Qishuang, HCBU Executive Deputy Dean

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Via Beihang News) [Editor's note] 2020 is the last year of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-around way and the 13th five-year plan. It is also the key year for Beihang in building a "double first-class" university. We should coordinate the prevention and control of the epidemic situation and the key work of the University, and speed up the construction of a world-class university with Chinese characteristics. From now on, the publicity department/news center of the Party Committee has launched a special topic "Beihang in Focus", interviewing the leaders of the school departments, and interpreting the relevant measures and key work in 2020.


Interpreting Beihang 2020 Key Work – An interview with Liu Kesheng, HCBU Party Secretary, and Ma Qishuang, HCBU Executive Deputy Dean

Reporter: please talk about how HCBU will implement Beihang University’s key points of work this year?

Liu Kesheng:2020 is the last year of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-around way and the 13th five-year plan. It is also the key year for Beihang in the construction of a "double first-class" university. It is also a year for HCBU to strengthen the leadership of the Party's political construction and create a new chapter for development. HCBU will further study and implement Xi Jinping's Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era, implement the deployment of the Central Committee and relevant departments. Focusing on the fundamental task of cultivating talents and the construction of the honors college, we adhere to the keywords of "goal-oriented, problem-oriented, result-oriented" and center on "system, organization, collaboration, closed-loop" to strengthen the Party's leadership, attach importance to top-level design, and do a good job in epidemic prevention and control and the development of HCBU. We systematically do a good job in ideological construction, team construction, and system construction, and accomplish the major tasks of Party committee election, college relocation, top-notch plan, and so on.

In terms of strengthening the Party's leadership and implementing the main responsibility: first, strengthen political construction and collective leadership. We built a high standard Party committee to improve the ability to manage the overall situation. We set an example to implement the working mechanism of collective leadership, division of work and cooperation between the Party and government, and coordinated operation.

Second, obey the overall situation of development and complete the relocation of HCBU. We completed the tasks of relocation and new site construction with high quality. By strengthening communication and coordination, we carefully formulated plans, and do a good job in the ideological work of teachers and students.

Third, strengthen the sense of responsibility and do a good job in Party building at the grassroots level. We conscientiously implemented the responsibility system of all kinds of work, enrich learning forms, attach importance to the development of Party members, create model Party branches, improve the mechanism of Party building workstation at HCBU doctoral classes, set up excellent Party courses, and create "living teaching materials" for moral education.

Fourth, consolidate the rectification achievements and continuously improve the work style. We made solid progress in comprehensively and strictly governing the Party and building a clean and honest government. We took the initiative to "look back" on consolidating the achievements of inspection, rectification, and thematic education. We made frequent comparisons, research, and paid attention to effects and transparency.

In terms of top-level design and personnel training: first, based on a new starting point to optimizing the mechanism and mode. We implemented the "top-notch plan" 2.0, give full play to the role of the honors education committee, and strengthen communication and cooperation with other colleges.

Second, improve the honors system and improve the quality of training. It is necessary to strengthen the connection of the undergraduate-doctoral training system, promote the construction of honors teachers, promote the construction of first-class undergraduate courses, explored the reform of doctoral education, and improved HCBU’s teaching guidance system and working mechanism.

Third, adhere to all-around education, and promote the construction of academies. Relying on the "Learning Day", we opened special ideological and political courses and constructed a speculative studio. Relying on the academic guidance center, we carried out guidance courses, guidance salons, strengthen the party and League class organization, and dormitory construction. Besides, we took multiple measures to do a good job in students' ideological and political education.

Fourth, expand international cooperation and improve the school-running pattern. We carried out the "Zhiyuan Plan" in an all-around way to consolidate the foundation of cooperation, promoted the implementation of HCBU's internationalization strategy and the construction of the International Development Advisory Committee, strengthen the cooperation with the world-class honors colleges and universities, and enhanced the brand influence.

Reporter: what does HCBU do to promote the "top-notch student training plan of basic disciplines" 2.0? How to guarantee the quality of education and teaching during the epidemic prevention and control?

Ma Qishuang: In terms of the "training plan for top students in basic subjects" 2.0, we can use four words to conclude: "selection", "top", "train", and "cultivation". "Selection" refers to the construction of a scientific selection system to include more talents into the top-notch plan. "Top" refers to the gathering of top-quality resources. "Train" refers to highlighting the flexible training of personality and building a scientific system for the growth of top-notch talents. "Cultivation" refers to the cultivation of profound Chinese culture and the creation of a good ecology for the growth of top-notch talents. This year, HCBU will work together with relevant colleges to implement the construction and application of the training base for top students in basic disciplines. In particular, we will improve HCBU's teaching guidance system and working mechanism, optimize the undergraduate talent training program and teaching plan, strengthen the construction of teacher team, teaching assistant team, and academic tutor team, enhance the benign communication and exchange with professional colleges to better implement the integration of basic education and professional education and improve the organized honors education.

During the period of epidemic prevention and control, HCBU attached great importance to the guarantee of education and teaching quality, conscientiously implemented the deployment requirements of the Ministry of Education and Beihang University. We established the working mechanism of "deep mobilization, fine deployment, detailed implementation, strong optimization, and practical supervision", and focused on the following three aspects.

First, strengthen the overall planning and formulate a detailed work plan. We immediately established a special leading group for the overall work in the suspension period, with the Dean and Secretary as coordinators, and deputy leaders as deputy coordinators. Based on the close communication with teachers, we determined teaching methods, formulated detailed plans, making overall plans for all aspects of education and teaching.

Second, pay attention to the overall situations and details at the same time to stabilize online teaching order. HCBU has organized online meetings many times to communicate online teaching plans and emergency plans and formulate policies for each course. At the same time, teachers, teaching assistants, and students were provided with online technical training, to ensure that every teacher and teaching assistant can skillfully use the online platform and help solve problems in time.

Third, pay attention to supervision and feedback to ensure the quality of online teaching. HCBU leaders and Academic Affairs Office supervised the teaching order and did a good job in teaching quality and political discipline supervision. At the same time, we strengthened the linkage between the academic affairs department and the student affairs department, and regularly carried out online teaching surveys for teaching assistants and students, to find and solve problems in time. At present, online teaching is stable and orderly. From the survey of teachers and students, it is generally believed that compared with traditional offline teaching, students' participation and activity in online classes are higher, the learning effect is better, and teachers also put in more energy.

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