HCBU 2020 Ph.D. Online Graduation Ceremony and Graduate Symposium

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        On the morning of July 6, HCBU doctoral class of 2020 summer graduation ceremony and graduate symposium were held online through video connection. HCBU leaders Ma Qishuang, Liu Kesheng, Han Yu, the counselor of the doctoral class, and 5 doctoral graduates attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Zhang Jianglong, counselor of the doctoral class.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Deputy Dean Han Yu announced the list of 2020 summer Ph.D. graduates. HCBU leaders awarded the graduates degrees and honorary certificates one by one, and posed for pictures. Ma Qishuang, Executive Deputy Dean, spoke on behalf of HCBU. He praised graduates’ excellent achievements during the doctoral period, and expressed sincere congratulations and best wishes to them. At the same time, he advised students to practice the spirit of Beihang and HCBU. It is hoped that the graduates would climb high and achieve better results in serving the major national strategic needs and reaching the international academic frontier.

        After the graduation ceremony, an online graduate symposium was held in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. The graduates spoke in turn, sharing their experience of study, scientific research and life at HCBU and their future development plans. They expressed their gratitude to the doctoral class and HCBU, and made suggestions and expectations for HCBU’s future development.

At the end of the symposium, Liu Kesheng, HCBU Party Secretary, made a concluding speech. He pointed out that we were in the historical intersection period of China's "two centenary" goals, which was of special and important significance to our country and individuals. He hoped that students can make good use of the valuable knowledge and interdisciplinary basis accumulated in the doctoral stage, and remember Beihang Spirit of "“serving the motherland with contributions to the aerospace sector” and general secretary Xi Jinping’s expectations of "strengthening ideals and beliefs in the course of learning and practice, and fulfilling original mission in the process of making progress" to be down-to-earth and dedicated doers.

        All the five doctoral students graduated this time will devote themselves to the major national strategic demand, of which four will go to work in the domestic scientific research institutes and one in a "double first-class" university.


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