2020 HCBU Ph.D. Class Opening Ceremony

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On the afternoon of September 21, the opening ceremony of the 2020 HCBU Ph.D. class was held in the No. 8 conference room of the main building. Huang Haijun, Beihang University’s Vice President and HCBU Dean, Liu Kesheng, HCBU Party Secretary, and other leaders attended the ceremony. Counselors of the doctoral class, alumni, student representatives, and all 2020 doctoral freshmen, attended the ceremony as well. Han Yu, HCBU Deputy Dean presided over the ceremony.

Ma Qishuang, HCBU Executive Deputy Dean, introduced the development and construction of HCBU, the doctoral class, and the enrollment and selection of 2020 doctoral class. Liu Tiegang, Director of the Graduate Education Department, announced the admission list of the 2020 class.

Yang Zexuan, the winner of Beihang's "Shen Yuan Medal" and the 2020 doctoral student majored in aircraft design, spoke on behalf of the freshmen. He said that he would work with other excellent students in this class to continuously consolidate the mathematical foundation, expand academic vision, strengthen communication and cooperation, and strive to be the person who dares to have dreams, pursue dreams, and make effort to realize dreams. Then Zhang Mingliang, winner of "top 10 graduate students" of Beihang University and student from class 2016 majored in mechanical design and automation, made a speech. He shared his experience in making progress and conquering key technologies with his classmates, and introduced the warm and loving collective activities and colorful international exchanges of the doctoral class.

At the opening ceremony, Su Hao, the first generation of graduates (class of 2006) and now the assistant professor of computer science and engineering at the University of California, San Diego, was invited to make an online speech on behalf of alumni. He reviewed his study and work journey, encouraged students to continuously consolidate their theoretical foundation, broaden their thinking and vision, and stick to their original scientific research intention.

Huang Haijun extended warm welcome and heartfelt congratulations to all the freshmen of the doctoral class. He pointed out that strengthening the theoretical basis, promoting interdisciplinary development, and carrying out original innovation were the original intention of establishing the doctoral class. He hoped that students would, with the goal of serving the country's major strategic needs and pursuing the international science and technology frontier, be persons who work hard with the love of home and country in hearts, the light of innovation in eyes, and the strength to make progress under their feet, so as to constantly surpass themselves, achieve innovation, and contribute wisdom and strength in realizing the great task of national rejuvenation.


Founded in 2006, the doctoral class of HCBU is Beihang’s top innovation doctoral training base and graduate education teaching reform experimental base. It aims to cultivate leading talents with solid theoretical basis, independent innovation ability, interdisciplinary knowledge background, and cross-cultural exchange ability. The doctoral class selects about 30 students every year from bachelor-straight-to-doctorate students and master-doctor students in Beihang University to implement personalized training plan. By adopting the mentoring system and supplemented by the joint training between HCBU and the college where students majored in, we have carried out high-level and high-quality honors education, and formed a top-notch innovative doctoral training mode by teaching in small class, strengthening mathematical foundation, integrating disciplines, supporting international exchanges. Since its establishment, a total of 389 students have been enrolled, covering all science and engineering majors of Beihang University. All previous students insisted on "writing papers on the motherland", constantly breaking through the academic frontier and technical bottleneck. Many of them have become the signed winners of science and technology awards at all levels, and their research achievements have made contributions to national defense construction and national economic development. Nearly 80% of the graduates worked in top universities and research institutes at home and abroad. A large number of top-notch young talents are emerging.

Before the opening ceremony, there was an explanation meeting on the training plan of the 2020 doctoral class, an interpretation meeting on the postgraduate handbook, and the first class meeting. The 2020 Ph.D. class has a total of 33 students, including 24 bachelor-straight-to-doctorate students and 9 master-doctor students from 21 majors in 12 science-and-engineering-related colleges. 


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