Prof. Jonathan Tennyson of University College London Made an Online Academic Report for HCBU Staff and Students

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On the evening of November 18, 2020, Prof. Jonathan Tennyson, member of the Royal Society and professor of physics and astronomy, University College London (UCL), gave an online academic report entitled What are Exoplanets Made of? -- Molecular Line Lists to Aid the Characterization of Exoplanets for HCBU staff and students. Han Yu, HCBU Deputy Dean, attended and delivered a speech. Organized by "sailing with you" graduate international exchange studio, the report was one of the series lectures themed "sailing with you".

In the report, based on the research status of the characterization of exoplanet systems, Professor Tennyson introduced the related research methods of planet composition, formation mode and the ability to sustain life. He focused on the latest progress of ExoMol project in the field of spectroscopic study of planets, which was being carried out by his research team, and prospected the research prospects in this field. Students asked questions they interested and the Professor gave patient and detailed answers in a pleasant atmosphere.

After the report, Deputy Dean Han Yu had an online communication with Professor Jonathan Tennyson. She introduced the international development status and talent training measures of HCBU, and exchanged ideas in promoting the possible cooperation between the two sides.


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