Build a New HCBU in the New Era--2020 HCBU Annual Alumni Activities

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On December 19, 2020, a series of annual alumni activities with the theme of "Building a New HCBU in the New Era" were held in Xueyuan Road Campus, including the election meeting of the Alumni Association, the student commendation ceremony and the alumni forum. More than 70 alumni from universities, scientific research institutes, enterprises and other industries at home and abroad, as well as leaders, staff and student representatives of HCBU gathered together to draw a blueprint for alumni work and the development of HCBU. Professor Qian Shixiang and his wife Yang Zongzhi, senior consultants of HCBU and donors of “Qian Shixiang-Yang Zongzhi Alumni Award Fund”, were invited to participate in the activity. The leader of alumni liaison office was present. At the same time, there were online branch venues and live broadcasting.

The Election Meeting of HCBU Alumni Association

-- Revealing a New Chapter for HCBU Alumni Work

The election meeting of HCBU Alumni Association started in the exciting short film Beihang Today. Wang Youhong, Secretary General of the Alumni Association of Beihang University, read out the Approval of the Re-Election of HCBU Alumni Association. Han Yu, head of the preparatory group for the election meeting of the Alumni Association, introduced the general situation, reported the revised articles of the Alumni Association, and read out the suggested list of members of the new Council. The list of members was unanimously adopted by the general assembly.

Combined with the actual work of the alumni and the opinions of the directors, the group members of the Alumni Association of HCBU were approved on the spot, with Professor Qian Shixiang as the honorary president, Liu Kesheng as the president, Han Yu and Xu Moke as the vice presidents, Zhang Jianglong as the secretary general, and Yang Hui as the deputy secretary general. Wang Youhong, Secretary General of the Alumni Association, Beihang University, presented letters of appointment to the members of HCBU Alumni Association, and Liu Kesheng, the new president, presented letters of appointment to the directors of HCBU Alumni Association.

Liu Kesheng spoke on behalf of the new Council. He first expressed his heartfelt thanks to the alumni, teachers and students who have long been supporting HCBU’s development. He said that the presidency means great responsibility. At present, it is an important time for Beihang University and HCBU to carefully plan a new path of development. Under the leadership of the school Party committee and the Alumni Association, the new Council would actively promote the common development of alumni and HCBU, and assume the responsibility of gathering love, expressing love and creating love.

Then Wang Youhong introduced the achievements of Beihang University in discipline construction, personnel training, scientific research and innovation in recent years, and the overall situation of alumni work. He hoped that under the leadership of the new Council, the Alumni Association of HCBU would serve alumni, improve the working mechanism, promote the standardized, institutionalized and scientific construction of the Alumni Association, and create a new era for HCBU alumni work. He said that the achievements of Beihang cannot be separated from the support of its alumni. Beihang University is always the strong backing of its alumni and work hard together to inherit the culture of Beihang, carry forward Beihang spirit, and build Beihang into a world-class university.

HCBU Student Commendation Ceremony

—Manifesting the New Face of Talent Training


At the 2020 student commendation ceremony, the alumni, faculty and students watched the publicity film of HCBU Definition. Qian Shixiang and his wife Yang Zongzhi, donors of the “Qian Shixiang-Yangzongzhi Alumni Award Fund”, delivered speeches. They reviewed their life in HCBU and explained the original intention and the concept of HCBU, and showed that they would continue to do their best to devote themselves to the public welfare and give back to the society. They also hoped that the alumni could stick to their original heart, do not forget to repay Beihang, and pass the torch while developing themselves. The selfless spirit of Mr. Qian and Ms. Yang was touching, and the applause from time-to-time ringed throughout the whole scene. Under their inspiration, alumni donated in "Qian Shixiang-Yang Zongzhi Alumni Award Fund", and promoted HCBU talents training with practical actions.

Zhu Wei, HCBU undergraduate graduated in 2006, HCBU doctoral student graduated in 2010, and currently an associate researcher of Advanced Science and Technology Innovation Research Institute of Beihang University, spoke as a representative of alumni. She introduced the development of herself and her classmates, recalled sweet bit of her life in school, expressed her gratitude for the cultivation of HCBU, and showed her full support for HCBU work.

Then HCBU leaders and alumni representatives awarded student winners of 2020 “Academic Star”, “Science and Technology Star”, “Vitality Star”, “Volunteer Star”, “Academic Star”, “HCBU Star” and “Dean's Special Award”.

Xue Chunbo, undergraduate student of class 2017 and winner of "HCBU Star", and Huang Jinguo, doctoral student of class 2017 and winner of “Academic Star” made speeches. They shared their learning, scientific research and growth experience at HCBU, expressed their gratitude for the training and support of teachers and alumni. They said that they would take HCBU alumni as examples to make persistent efforts, strive to climb the scientific peak, and become outstanding talents who are of great use for our country and benefit from the times.

At the end of the commendation meeting, Executive Deputy Dean Ma Qishuang, made a speech. He congratulated all the award-winning students, introduced the achievements of HCBU in talent training and development construction this year, and gave some suggestions to all the students: first, strengthen ideals and beliefs, shoulder the mission of the times, and closely integrate personal growth with national development; second, keep feet on the ground, lay a solid foundation in mathematics and physics, actively participate in practice, and pay attention to the synchronous improvement of knowledge and ability; third, broaden the mind, focus on long-term planning, and pay attention to the all-round development.

Alumni Forum

–Promoting the Common Growth of HCBU Alumni, Staff and Students

In the afternoon of the same day, the 2020 alumni forum was held, with alumni representatives from different walks-of-life giving keynote speeches. HCBU staff and students attended the forum.

In the main forum, alumni representatives introduced their personal experience, research direction and employment field in turn, and shared their thoughts and insights during their study and career development. In the interactive session, alumni representatives, combined with their own experience, carefully answered the doubts asked by students from the aspects of academic development, international exchanges, career planning, etc. They encouraged students to fully grasp the advantageous resources provided by HCBU, continuously consolidated the mathematical foundation, expanded the international vision, and enhanced their comprehensive competitiveness.

The annual alumni meeting of HCBU has been launched since 2016. Nowadays, it has developed into a brand activity of alumni work, an important link and bridge among HCBU, alumni, and students. HCBU will continue to do alumni work well with heart, to continuously gather alumni strength, form joint forces for development, and seek common development. It will take practical actions to promote the cultivation of top-notch innovative talents and support the "double first-class" construction of Beihang University. It will support Beihang to write a new chapter of building a world-class university with Chinese characteristics, and meet the second Centennial goal with more outstanding achievements.





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